Stability system for aircraft AN-148 airspeed

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UDC 629.735.05

S.I. Barasheva
National Aerospace University named after N.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI"

Progress in improving the functionality of the equipment is inevitably linked with an increase in the relevance of the tasks to ensure its reliability and safety. Currently, intensive development receives a number of scientific and technological areas aimed at further improving the reliability and security through the use of computer systems To them behave:
-it is a construction for responsible objects in an aviation and cosmonautics, in energy, on the transport of the systems of automatic control (САУ), providing the required strength and vitality security;
-it is creation of the complex systems of tests and control on all stages of life cycle of wares;
-it is creation of the new technological system of exploitation of wares on their technical state.
For providing of the safe functioning of control system use a large arsenal accumulated in a theory and in practice methods, receptions of forestalling of emergency situations. At the permanent increase of reliability of element base of the systems and subsystems, entering in the complement of flying complexes, a volume and complication increase air equipment, that is one of reasons of appearance of refuses of flying complexes, it draws creation of more reliable control system inevitably. The stabilization system is designed to measure the values of the state parameters comparing them with the required in the case of deviations, the correction values of control actions to reduce errors flight.
Purpose and aim of creating a system: the release from the drudgery of the pilot control of aircraft and processing large amounts of information.
The paper presents an analysis of the available data on the stabilization system of the aircraft airspeed. Principles of operation of the facility and control, assessment of problems, the existing approaches to its solution are described. On the basis of die information the functional block diagram of ACS, transfer functions of individual elements included in the control of the system under study were received. Analysis of the dynamic properties of the SC, the synthesis of the control law and analysis of the results in terms of quality control were conducted.
When the motion control aircraft were achieved: given the quality of the transition process, the accuracy of the execution of commands, a poor response to external disturbance, optimal movements in the broadest sense (minimum flow rate, minimum setting time, maximum range, and so on).